What is Ingrown Toenail, its Causes and Care

About Ingrown Toenail, its Causes and Care

An Ingrown toenail is a painful and worst condition that no one likes. It is considered as a dangerous state where a toenail is damaged, in such condition a nail is dig into the surrounding skin that lead to infection of the same toe. This is then said to be ingrown toenail…it is really a pathetic and serious condition that should be cured and treated properly within time.

There are many causes of ingrown toenail, they are:

i) In proper nail trimming, this happens most of the time.
ii) heredity problem may cause ingrown toenail.
iii) Excessive sweating in foot.
iv) An injury at toenail, trauma and etc.

There are some of the symptoms of ingrown toenail, they are:

i) We can see hard skin adjacent to the nail
ii) We can see swollen skin adjacent to the nail
iii) Also Tender skin adjacent to the nail

When an ingrown toenail occurs, it causes heavy infection that can be seen and some of the sign of detecting it are;

-The toe area becomes warmer that it was before that time.
-Toe skin color becomes hot red at that particular part.
-Injured area bleeds.
-Injured area is painful.

An image of a normal toenail and ingrown toenail

Above we can see how dangerous the problem is. Sometimes people take it for granted just because its a toe problem. And as we all know that toe problem is not considered that much serious as other body part problems. But do we think right? Ofcourse not !
We should take it seriously so that is can be easily cured in time and should not become a big problem ahead. Thus ingrown toenail removal is very important and necessary.

For ingrown toenail removal and its cure there are many important methods, such as :

i) Ingrown toenail Surgery - Its a method done by doctor treatment, ie..in this a respected doctor provide a surgical removal of that part of the nail that is called Toenail avulsion..where the edges of the toenail are cut properly by making it narrower. During these all surgical mothods the patient is numbed so that nothing could be felt to the patient during the surgery.

ii) Self Care - Its one of the basic and relevant method to cure Ingrown toenail.
If one is suffering from ingrown toenail then he/she should soak their foot in warm water in a tub or bucket 2-4 times a day. This give s much relief to the toe and while soaking use cotton to push the skin away from the toenail so that skin n toenail don’t come in contact with each other.

- One must cut nails properly by cutting them in a straight line and not cutting them from the corners of the toe. Because if the nail are cut at the corners then little nail parts are always left there that are ignored…and thus results in ingrown toenail. Therefore we must cut our nails across a straight line very carefully and gently.

Sometimes the problem becomes so serious that its not cured at home, and is not self treated. So in this situation there is no need to panic…stay calm and concern to doctor. Where the respected doctor will give a physical examination and remove the ingrown portion of the nail very carefully…it will be done easily as it is under a doctor work. And it depends on doctor to use x-ray evaluation and more surgical methods for the same. If the infected toe is much older then it will take more steps to cure..more time to cure..but will be cured in sometimes, and if the injured toe is fresh then it will be cured as soon as possible.

So this shows how important is to cure such pathetic problem. We must take precautions and actions for ingrown toenail removal within time so that it can be cured before it become massive.

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