What is Foot pain? Their Causes and Treatment

Foot pain – Causes and Treatment

Different types of pain in the foot is under the term foot pain together. By this is meant that, in the region of the foot comes to printing, loading or friction pain.
Various diseases can cause foot pain, such as the Burning Feet Syndrome , the Morton’s neuralgia, diabetes , or polyneuropathy. The foot is in these cases only the host of the foot pain, but not the origin of the disease.

numerous as the causes of foot pain can be so numerous are the treatment methods. Among the known causes of sore feet initially include orthopedic problems. They start at too narrow, tight shoes or high body weight , to the lowering splayfeet leads. A heel spurs , warts , or between the toes, bunions can cause severe foot pain.
Diabetics suffer from foot pain due to tissue damage. The diabetic foot may also be painless. The Burning Feet Syndrome, however, is probably a vitamin – and mineral deficiency caused as a result of eating disorders. This nerve damage is the cause of foot pain. The Morton’s neuralgia occurs primarily on lowering spreading foot. It is aided by pressure on the plantar nerve. Here concentrate on foot pain in the forefoot.

The tarsal tunnel syndrome refers to a compression injury to the rear foot. Achillodynia or achillobursitis are heel pain caused by inflammation or pressure on the Achilles tendon or the formation of a bursa caused.

Foot pain can also be caused by the formation of a heel spur or degenerative changes of the foot. Known causes of foot pain are also dystrophy, called Erythromelalgien, Kohler’s disease and polyneuropathy.

An image of various types of foot pain.

Disease of foot pain

The disease course in foot pain is different for all the reasons mentioned. In some cases there will be a burn or a radiating pain in the sole. In other cases, by constant friction or pressure local nerve irritation caused by certain Fubpartien that can expand and untreated by relieving postures.

In other cases only the forefoot or hind foot or the heel or the toe region are affected by foot pain. In many cases the disease is insidious. The patient with foot pain is often not the first doctor or orthopedic surgeon . He tried to fix the notorious foot pain by purchasing more comfortable shoes or evening foot massages.

Usually the foot pain attributable to a standing professional or other uses considered as inevitable stressful situations. Until the foot pain intensify and lead to disability in walking, the doctor’s visit is being considered

Care and treatment of foot pain

Depending on the identified underlying disease sees the treatment of foot pain is different. When Burning Feet Syndrome can it with a substitution treatment with vitamins and minerals to try. Treatment is usually success could hardly.
Foot orthotics are useful for foot pain as a result of lowering spreading foot and a resulting Morton’s neuralgia. When foot pain latter kind are often painkillers needed. If appropriate, in this type of foot pain takes a blockade of the sciatic nerve before. Pressure relief, surgery, or sciatic nerve blockade are also indicated in the tarsal tunnel syndrome therapy.

Deformities at the foot of the wrong shoes and bone spurs that cause severe foot pain, you have to fix surgically. Inflammatory processes are treated with medication and rest. Foot pain caused by degenerative processes can be treated with combination therapies. The focus of all therapies is always the relief of the foot so that the foot pain subside.

Prevention of foot pain

Preventively can against foot pain do a lot. As a child and young person should wear appropriate and well-fitting shoes and orthotics if necessary. Most foot pain caused by inappropriate, uncomfortable or too tight shoes.

Also, high heels with pointed forefoot inevitably lead to foot pain. Pressure and friction can lead to nerve damage and bruising. When it comes to diabetes, diabetic foot and foot pain caused by tissue damage. Preventive measures against the disease are sugar movement, weight loss and a healthy diet .

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