Toenail fungus treatment – All useful steps from beginning

Nail Fungus Treatment

The treatment options for nail fungus are both topically, so possible, outside and inside, and thus systemic. In the topical treatment of nail polish is used, the treatment of the inner nail fungus takes place with a specific medication in the form of tablets.

The duration of treatment depends on the intensity of the infestation. Is a mild to moderate disease, where 50 percent of the nail plate are affected most, whilst preserving the New formation zones are not affected. This can be very successful outside the treatment.

In heavy infestation of the nail plate and also when the nail matrix, ie, the formation area of ​​the infected nails is a combination of internal and external treatment must be.

Nail Fungus – Diagnosis
The doctor may have the nail fungus recognize its typical visual symptoms that show up in nail thickening and discoloration. In addition to the diagnostic process is also a survey of the risk factors to which the patient is exposed, performed.

One is for the reliable diagnosis often laboratory tests required, which also allows a precise provisions of the fungus from which the nails are affected. For this purpose, the doctor takes a sample of the nail tip and these can be examined microscopically in the laboratory. In case of visible fungal elements, a fungal culture is then created from the litmus test for the fungus can be detected accurately in the laboratory. By the laboratory examination an accurate diagnosis is possible.

A picture showing result of toenail fungus treament

A picture showing result of toenail fungus treament

When is the doctor’s sense?
Suspected of having a nail fungus, should be started immediately with the treatment to prevent a weitre spread of infection. At a natural treatment of nail fungus however, should show a significant improvement in symptoms within a month. If this is not given, it is necessary to consult a doctor. When self-treatment over a longer period than one month performed without success, a chronic course can be established. Patience is both the self-treatment and during the treatment with medications prescribed by the doctor, is necessary. Also provides only a consistent application of the drugs really make sense, and thus long-term success.

When the hands and feet are affected:
Particularly difficult and expensive is the treatment when both hands and feet are infected by nail fungus. Here there may be transfers from hands to feet and vice versa. The disease can lead to reddened, swollen, highly inflamed which is also very painful pressure complaints. In the worst case this can be a complete destruction of the nail plate. This allows both hands to be affected not only by nail fungus, but also of a permanent long-term inflammation of the nail bed as well as feet. Again, the self-medication should be carried out over a maximum period of one month. Helpful here is the use of bifonazole, Amorof lysine, clotrimazole, ciclopirox, terbinafine and naftifine.

  • Especially when both hands and feet are affected, it is especially important that both the hands and the feet are kept dry.
  • After drying the feet should be clothed entirely with boil-proof socks.
  • It is important that the shoes are not too narrow and also changed daily. The shoes that were worn on the corresponding day must be thoroughly ventilated and treated with appropriate shoe sprays to prevent transmission of fungi.
  • It is also important to keep the towel on hand and foot care absolutely separated and change daily.
  • It is important to wash both the towels and tea towels for the feet and socks, bath mats and bedding at least at 60 degrees to kill the fungi. It is better to wash the laundry at 90 degrees Celsius.

Thus the spread of the fungal infection is avoided, it is also important to wear your own house slippers or indoor swimming pools and sports facilities, and saunas. This is also true for the hotel room in which should not be walking around barefoot or in borrowed slippers. Especially carpets are a perfect basis for survival for the fungi, which can then multiply rapidly both at home and at the hotel.

Hands and feet are affected, hygiene must be taken according to detail in order to avoid the dreaded ping-pong effect and thus achieve a complete healing of the nail fungus.

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