Toenail Fungus [Major Foot Problem] – What it is? Its Causes and Precautions (How to remove it)

Mushrooms are generally feel in humid and warm environment very well. So it is with the nail fungus. Therefore, it spreads very well in a moist and warm environment. The sauna and the swimming pool are available for nail fungus – and thus the infection with this – almost the perfect environment. Due to these good opportunities for dissemination it is not surprising that the most common fungal nails are infected, and the disease is found far ahead of any other nail disorders. Other nail disorders are the nail and nail bed psoriasis inflammation.

When a fungal infection of the nails just a nail or nails of several fungi are either infested. Generally, the fungal ensures destruction of the nail plate. This destruction is very slow, but ultimately irreparable. Both the finger and toenails may be affected by the fungi. Overall, however, the toenails are four times more likely infected by the fungus than fingernails.

The fungus of the nails is extremely contagious. Filamentous fungi most often responsible for the infection of the nails. They are followed by yeast and then the mold. Onychomycosis is the first and only annoying little looks beautiful from the long term it can become chronic and also permanently damage the nail plate. A detailed definition of onychomycosis provides you with the University of Dusseldorf available.

Nail Fungus – Causes
The filamentous fungus is responsible for the infection of the nails in the rule. These fungi are also known as dermatophytes. Also, the yeast can pull a fungal infection of the nails by yourself, but this is rare fungus responsible for the infection of the nails. But fungal species can also be combined with other fungi occur, which ultimately makes the treatment of the nails even more complicated, since all fungi must now be fully eliminated.

While some people often suffer from nail fungus, other people get this disease, despite similar conditions to which they are exposed, no. This is because other factors favoring infection with nail fungus.

A picture of toenail fungus.

A picture of toenail fungus.

If the nails in sports activities frequently injured or even with the pedicure, the risk increases for a nail fungus.
Tight and airtight footwear can bring the best nail fungus conditions and so an infection – for example, in the swimming pool – in favor of the sequence.
Also, deformities of the feet support the nail fungus.
Circulatory disorders can provide the best conditions for nail fungus thrive on foot.
Furthermore, a disturbed triggers of nail growth is also for the infection of the nails.
A total of weakened immune system can provide the nail fungus to thrive better terms.
There is also some people simply an increased predisposition for nail fungus, while others are more resistant to the infection.
Generally, the moist, warm environment provides the fungus a particularly good basis for the distribution.

Nail Fungus – Precautions against infection
If the infection occurs with the nail fungus once the treatment is very lengthy. Anyone who has purchased the nail fungus can therefore be set to the nails that can last for months. A distinction is made in the nail fungus treatment in the lighter infections and a severe infection with fungi. If the nail fungus is still in its early stages, treatment with commercially available creams or paints may be sufficient for the nails.

Important in the treatment of nail fungus is always absolute hygiene. Both towels that come in contact with the fungi as well as bath mats or beach shoes may not come into contact with the feet of other people. For a single contact may take place already an infection.

A severe infection with nail fungus occurs when the nail root is already attacked by the fungus. Even if multiple nails are infected, is already talk of a serious infection, because the individual nails may become infected repeatedly infect each other as well as the not yet infected with the fungus nails. In cases of severe fungal infections, it is usually necessary to treat the fungus not only externally but also make an internal application of medication.

The fungus is already very pronounced, it may be advisable to consult a doctor to get the fungal infection under control quickly and prevent chronic disease.

Nail discoloration as a sign of nail fungus
Nail discoloration is a sign of fungal infection of the nails. However, not every nail discoloration, a clear sign of the fungal infection, because the nails can become discolored for different reasons.

Basically, the toenails and fingernails translucent plates on the top of the toenails and fingernails are. The material from which the nail plates, called keratin , which is to protect the toes and fingers as hard substance. The nails are healthy, they appear pink, but are translucent. However, nail discoloration caused by fungi, internal diseases, skin diseases Medikamenteineinnahme, chemical exposure and poisoning of the organism may occur. It is not always thus, the nail fungus that causes this discoloration.

The nail discoloration can white, but also purple, black, brown and yellowish discolored nails produce. The discoloration of the nails with a fungal infection is a yellowish discoloration of the nails.

Who is affected by nail fungus?
The most common disease of the nails is the nail fungus. The risk of a fungal infection of the nails increases with increasing age. Children are rarely affected by nail fungus. Overall, however, have about 20 to 30 percent of people over 40 years in a so-called onychomycosis. While indigenous peoples the nail fungus practically not know, five to 12 percent of the population are affected in Europe. Reasons behind this are the often narrow and slightly air-permeable footwear.

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