Ingrown Toenails – What to do? How to Cure?

Ingrown Toenail – All you need to know

Ingrown toenails start to ache after a while. Therefore, you should try to treat the nails until they are grown out.
Ingrown toenails can occur whenever you cut the nails too short or wrong. The result is pain in the lateral cuticle edge. If you do nothing, however, the nail will grow out of it soon, but it may also be that the toe begins to fester.

i) Nail scissors
ii) Footbath
iii) Cotton
iv) Tea Tree Oil

An image of an ingrown toenail.

An image of an ingrown toenail.

How to treat ingrown toenails

  • Make a foot bath until the nails are soft.
  • Take a cotton wool pieces that you twirl quite thin. Try to push it under the strand cotton ingrown nail edge and leave the cotton ball there until the nail has grown out. The cotton raises the nail and prevents further ingrowth.
  • Blot the nail daily with tea tree oil. This prevents infections in the form of damaged skin.
  • Avoid tight footwear. If the shoes are too tight, the nail is even more pressed into the skin and inflamed.
  • The toe is very red or hot, you go to a doctor. It may be that it must remove the nail.

To prevent ingrown toenails

  • Cut the toenails straight off and avoid it round the corners.
  • The nails should never be too short, it is best if they are flush with the toe just above the cuticle tip.
  • File down after cutting from sharp edges. So the nail can not grow.
  • Are you too clumsy for cutting nails, go to the pedicure. There you will cut the nails fit. It also extends completely if you can do it every four weeks.
  • Ingrown toenails are a problem that many people have. But often it is simply the wrong foot care.

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