Ingrown toenail – what to do?

What is Ingrown Toenail and How to Cure

INGROWN TOENAIL is a complicated issue, that sometimes may become serious and must be cured in time.

I. Where your ingrown nail is:

i) Often cause a ingrown toenail by incorrectly cut toenails. This can also been done in childhood. Thus it may be that even in adulthood always your toenails grow. Can resolve this problem, but only an expert, so a podiatrist because the nail must be cut out completely in order to reformat it.

ii) An ingrown toenail may also be caused by tight shoes are. Tight shoes impose considerable pressure on the nail edges and lead so easily to ingrown toenails. But here we can not even provide for remedies and cut out the ingrown nail care.

An ingrown toenail.

An ingrown toenail is a serious issue that should be take care properly.

II. How to proceed with Concerned toenail:

i) Lay down before you start, all the equipment ready so you do not get up in between need to get your nail tools, since your ingrown toenail is very sensitive to pain determined.

ii)Your nail clippers should be clean and free of old nail remnants. Disinfect your pliers therefore previously with an appropriate disinfectant and clean it with alcohol. Also wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

iii) Now your aching foot with the ingrown toenail for 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water and a dash of bactericidal solution (from the pharmacy) This will make your ingrown toenail disinfected and you are protected from larger inflammation.

iv) Dry the feet thoroughly afterwards, and between the toes.

v) Take the corner of pliers on hand and cut as much as possible of the ingrown nail on the side, lengthwise out. This can be very painful. Do not hold it, consult a doctor or podiatrist to remove the ingrown nail piece.

vi) Enter a small piece of something Nageltamponade bactericidal ointment (Betaisodona) and plug it into the vacant space between the nail and cuticle in the nail fold. To do this, maybe a pair of tweezers to help.

vii) Then around the injured nail initially a patch or a small bandage. Do, however, if it is possible to heal the toenail on the air.

III) What should you do know:

i) Some people may not tolerate the ingredients of all these antibacterial ointment. But there are also ointments with other drugs that you may be better tolerated and are also available over the counter.

ii) If you do not trust yourself to cut your ingrown toenail yourself, look better on a chiropodist, podiatrist or your family doctor. This is true even if has already formed a purulent inflammation of the nail bed.

iii) Avoid tight shoes, prefer your shoes choose one size larger. Put even at close to nail a compress spaces between your toes.

iv) Cut the future after treatment your nails as straight as possible, without cutting out the corners. The nail must be cut to protect your nail bale at the nail tip, run flush with the nail bales. Therefore, never cut your nails too short.

Thus, in future will also be a ingrown toenail are no longer a problem for you. Stay Safe

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