Ingrown toenail Treatment – Quick Pain Relief

An ingrown toenail is not only very painful, it can also ignite. Treatment should be done relatively quickly, so that no pus may form and person suffering can get quick pain relief.
If it hurts on the side of the toenail, the lateral cuticle is red and hot, then you have an ingrown toenail. In mild cases, you can perform the treatment yourself, your ingrown toenail is however very inflamed, you should consult a doctor.

i) Soap
ii) Nail File
iii) Cotton
iv) Iodine ointment
v) Slice of lemon
vi) Paving
vii) Analgesic
viii) Disinfectant

A proper image of ingrown toenail treatment results to get pain relief.

A proper image of ingrown toenail treatment results to get pain relief.

The treatment goes Like this:

  • Soak your feet in a solution of warm water and soap. This differs somewhat the toenail and you can easily lift it then.
  • Enter an iodine ointment on the spot and stick a plaster over it. The ointment relieves the inflammation.
  • Glue overnight a slice of lemon on the spot. The next day, the nail is also pretty soft and can be lifted with the tip of a file.
  • Twirl a piece of cotton wool into a thin thread and try to push those between the nail and the cuticle. The thread lifts the nail, which relieves pain.
  • For very severe pain you can take a mild pain reliever from the pharmacy.

Ingrown Toenail – Avoid it

  • In the regular treatment of your feet, you should put a focus on the toenail. File the edges straight and not round, otherwise they grow more easily.
  • If you have the money to spare, you get regular pedicures. Where your feet are perfectly groomed nails trimmed to fit.
  • An ingrown toenail can be treated by a medical podiatrist. Do you tend to such nails, you can always make the best pedicure right there.
  • An ingrown toenail treatment needs. Clean work here but very important to get any germs under the nail, which can lead to pus formation. Therefore always disinfect your hands before treatment and the toe.

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