Ingrown Toenail Treatment and Solutions

Ingrown Toenail Solutions

An ingrown toenail is a painful condition occurs when the edges or the corners of a toenail grow into the soft tissue of the toe…thus nail pierces it. One of the other name of ingrown toenail is onychocryptosis. So it is seemed to be one of the serious problem, and thus there are several useful methods or solutions to cure it.

What can a person do if he/she gets an ingronwn toenail?

1) Go to a Podaitrist(foot doctor). I had mine cut out with a Podiatrist. They pour acid in the corner of your toes so that the nail can never become ingrown again, but you can’t tell by looking at the toe nail. A regular doctor will cut it out but it will grow back.

Theyre experts in all foot and ankle problems. For an ingrown nail, the podiatrist will mostlikely perform a Metrocectomy ( partial or full removal of the ingorwn nail). However don’t panic! This will be done under local anesthesia… you will be given a combination of lidocaine and marcaine… you won’t feel a thing!
Also, the nail will go back, provided that you ask the podiatrist not to use sulferic acid. With re-current incidences, using the acid is highly recommended.

Or you can put triple antibiotic ointment for a few days to ease the infection, and then cut it out. You can see videos on youtube on how to cut them out.

if you go to any ER they throw a pan of soapy water on floor put your foot in it to soak then cut out the nail digging into your skin. if you can kill the germs & soak your foot the pain will go down.

## Home treatment – a) Soak it(toe) in a warm water

When the nail is softened by the soaking, push a small piece of sterile cotton packing under the embedded nail. This lifts the nail enough so that it will grow over the skin instead of into it.

If this is too difficult or painful, then it’s time to see a doctor. Most family practice docs can handle the procedure. With just a little local anesthetic.

And then, prevent the ingrown nails by clipping your nails straight across. No curves at the ends. And not too short.

An image showing ingrown toenail treatment

b) If you want to treat at home, soak your foot twice daily in warm water. GENTLY push a small piece of cotton or gauze packing under the nail, toward where it’s ingrown. After soaking, replace the packing with a fresh piece. Gradually you’ll be able push packing closer to the ingrown section.
It takes a few weeks, but you should see the nail grow free of the ingrown area. Then trim the nail straight across and watch it carefully.

If infected – soaking and a topical antibiotic should help.

c) soak it in hydrogen peroxide to kill the infection.

i) Cut the nail so that you can pull off that corner to give it relief.

ii) Keep soaking it in HO2 until the infection is gone.

iii) Don’t wear shoes that are too tight. Sometimes these get started because of tight shoes and not washing your toe nails well.

d) Don’t cut the toenail out Yourself

If you cut the toenail, wait until it’s grown beyond the affected area or chances are the nail will grow back in the same way and you’re back to square one.

If a doctor – podiatrist, ortho, whoever – trims the nail, he or she will probably pack under it to prevent the surrounding skin from covering the end of the nail again

e) If you have an ingrown toenail right now that you are going to get removed or are you going for the permanent surgery to prevent future in grown toenails? I had the non permanent surgery to remove infection and a small part of the toenail that grows back. The shots do hurt but then your toe is completely numb and you do not feel a thing. They wrap it with gauze afterwards and you will have to walk around in sandals for a few days. It’s not bad especially considering the pain that the actual ingrown toenail causes. I went months with an ingrown toenail hoping that it would heal. For me I wouldn’t consider the permanent surgery. I am too afraid of risks and I wouldn’t want part of my toenail missing forever. I like having pretty feet. I haven’t had an ingrown toenail in a few years now and I attribute it to the fact that I do not manicure the skin around my toenails like I used to. I believe that is what caused infection in the first place, my removing skin that was there blocking infections from entering the skin in the first place.

f) If you go through the surgery…the injections to numb the area are painful but if you have issues with ingrown nails the joy of being rid of them outweighs this temporary pain. There were no stitches to remove but did have toes wrapped for a couple of days. The result, now many years later, are two toes that look absolutely normal. One edge of the nail is super straight from top down to the cuticle. It looks very perfect and not in any way unlike a “pretty” toe on a foot.

So these are all the basic and useful steps to be taken to cure an ingrown toenail problem, it is helpful. Treatment is better than pain.

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