Ingrown Toenail Surgical Treatment / Medical Aid +

Description of the disease:

In most cases, the change on the big toe is that the hereditary wider (rounded) nail by an external trigger ground (to tight shoes, misguided, incorrect cutting the nails, etc.) the surrounding tissue on one side or irritating at the same time on both sides suppressed, which causes inflammation of the tissue. This complex of symptoms ( pain, redness, swelling, oozing and ulceration, inflamed granulation tissue, etc. ) is known as ” ingrown nail ” means . The disease is always to be considered on both sides, this is true even if the symptoms do not show the same on both sides. In such cases, the surgery can indeed be carried out only on one side, in which the symptoms have shown, but it is certainly to be expected that the symptoms will eventually occur on the other side, that a new operation for will follow. Another possibility is to perform the same operation on both sides in order to obtain a final solution that with an operation. The decision for one or the other possibility is exclusively in the patient considered by the medical point of view both alternatives are just.

Investigation and consultation:

The operation is to forestall definitely an investigation carried out by a surgeon. Following this examination, the patient about the planned surgery, the Anästhesiart the home care and treatment, as well as the potential complications is informed. The operation can be performed immediately after the scan and the consultation or at a later time. If they have taken the decision to submit to the surgery, you have a DECLARATION to be signed, where you instruct our clinic with the implementation of the operative procedure, and agree that you assume the wound care.


The surgical procedure consists essentially in the fact that we are first in local anesthesia cut out the ingrown nail edge , and then remove the nail bed, the nail grows from the side-lying, nail forming or responsible for the growth of the nail edge cells with laser destroy . From the thus narrowed nail bed, the nail can grow only in the width set by us, and therefore is no longer presses the skin or cutting into them. Through this surgical procedure, a definitive cure can be achieved.

An image of an ingrown toenail surgery.

An image of an ingrown toenail surgery.

Possible consequences of surgery:

No doctor can guarantee an absolutely complication-free surgery. Complications can arise even when that is carried out with the greatest prudence surgery. The possible early complications such as bleeding, however, including inflammation can be successfully treated. They should therefore communicate at the slightest unusual signs your surgeon also the same. A day after the operation you bandage after a five minute soak in warm water to remove and pull the tampon inserted by the physician (Gazestreichen) with an energetic movement, hinabzureissen. Occurring less bleeding, one need therefore to make any worry. The wound should then be thoroughly rinsed with shower, dried, then you have to create a new organization that is set as the tampon bleeding. With an inflammatory complication is only to be expected when one fails to twice a day maceration, leading to drying out of the wound, thus preventing the exudate flow.

However, should this be the case, one has first durchzuweichen the wound thoroughly, and shoot from the sides strongly several times, so that the wound fluid (secretion) emptied, and the inflammation ceases within 24 hours. As a late complication of recurrence of the ingrown nail may if it is for any reason unable to have the nail-forming cells destroyed. According to our statistics, is the possibility of this complication between 4-5%. In such cases, of course, the operation can be repeated, we perform under the guarantee, ie for repeated surgery, you have to pay any fee.

Duties after surgery:

A day after the operation of the ingrown nail you have to remove the bandage and pad with warm water to shower or rinse thoroughly dry the wound twice a day, and then create a small association (quick patch). The healing of a wound caused by a laser coupled to secretion which is not to be regarded as abnormal. The reddish contour (circulation) around the wound is also a normal consequence of surgery, it is part of healing, and no inflammatory complications. After a week it’s been recommended to let the wound so it heals faster. On the wound wound Dusting powder may be sprinkled or ointment applied. The full cure time is between 4 – 6 weeks, which depends to a great extent from the state before the operation of the nail. We ask at the check-ups on the dates agreed to appear because we are able to provide a guarantee for the surgery only in this case.

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