Ingrown toenail removal – How to ease your pain

If the ingrown toenail, it is called an “Unguis incarnatus”. The problem is usually located at the toe, relatively frequently, occasionally stubborn, depending on the stage and also very painful. What can you do about an ingrown toenail and thus the pain.


i) Hot water
ii) Soap
iii) Antiseptic ointment
iv) Cotton

A picture of an ingrown toenail pain relief method.

A picture of an ingrown toenail pain relief method.

First Aid – If the toenail pushes:

An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail edge pressed into the lateral nail wall. By pressure and irritation of the nail wall there is an overgrowth of the nail with tissue, called granulation tissue, which is colloquially referred to as “wild meat”.

  • Do you feel the side of the nail wall discomfort, especially if you pressed here, that may be the prelude to an ingrown toenail. Start immediately with soap several times a day through out bathrooms, best soap, 15 to 20 minutes. Apart from the cleansing of the bath leads to a softening of the nail wall, which ease pressure and pain.
  • After the bath, you should use a disinfectant containing iodine ointment, Are not agreed so-called train or abscess ointments.
  • In the early stages, you can pull the nail from the nail bed by foist a toe side. The nail gets by on nail wall for more space and the pain can be spontaneous.
  • If you do this with the cotton hinbekommen not, the side lifting can be carried out with a patch on the nail brace made ​​of plastic or thin wire. However, you need the help of a podiatrist.
  • If you want to support with your pain medication pain relief measures in addition, it makes sense to take one with the same anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect, for example ibuprofen ® 400 Tablets (prescription).
  • Professional help, you will not come around if the ingrown toenail has led to the formation of granulation tissue and a purulent inflammation. Then a little bit of the lateral edge of the nail must be cut away usually. Since the toe needs to be a local anesthetic, you should consult a surgeon immediately.

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