How to use Nail cutter/Nail trimmer for an Ingrown Toenail (Some Special Info)

You passed by a shoe shop and fell in love with a pair of white crystal high heel shoe. As much as you wanted to buy it, you’re worried that you may not be able to wear it for long. What could possibly be the reason? It could be because you have an ingrown nail on you right foot, and every time you put on your work shoes you have to endure hours of agonizing foot pain.

What is an ingrown toe nail in the first place? It is a medical condition in which the corner or side of the toenail grows and cuts the soft flesh of the toe, causing foot pain. This can be accompanied by swelling, redness, and sometimes, infection. According to research, this condition is found only in shoe-wearing countries, since ingrown nails are caused by the downward pressure on the nails by the shoe.

An image of ingrown toenail treatment by nail cutter

An image of ingrown toenail treatment by nail cutter

Ingrown Nail Removal Procedure with a Nail Trimmer

Before starting the ingrown toenail removal procedure through the use of nail cutter or nail trimmer, you need to prepare a sterilize nail clippers, tweezers or nipper, cotton, ice, antiseptic cream, plaster, pain killer (if needed) and Epsom salt. Choose a well-lighted place to remove your ingrown nail. Clean the toe with alcohol, and then remove the dry skin around the infected area.

Next step to follow on an ingrown toenail removal procedure will require you to pull up the nail as far as possible with the tweezers. If bleeding occurs press a cotton ball on the wound and place some ice to make it numb. With the nail clipper, remove the ingrown nail. Clear the blood and apply antiseptic cream. You can take a pain killer medicine if the pain is extreme.

Nail Clipper/Cutter/Trimmer are Essential Tools if handled properly : Owning a nail clipper, may it be big or small comes in handy in case of a broken nail or removing an ingrown toenail. Although nail clippers has different sizes, styles, or colors, their purposes are the same but if you’re looking for convenience, you must choose between fingernail clippers and toenail clippers which is usually smaller than the previous. Their concave and convex shapes has something to do with easy cutting and appropriate application of pressure especially with complicated foot pain issues caused by an ingrown toenail.

A nail clipper in order to be effective in ingrown toenail removal, must follow certain and careful steps to execute the process. Including in these steps is determining whether the blades are positioned not too close to the cutting edges in order to avoid accidental cut of the skin. A smooth turn of 180 degrees is needed to clean up any rough spots left on the nail. Using a nail clipper to remove a painful ingrown toenail might be easy to use at first look but it requires your full attention as well to lessen the pain as much as possible.

Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment

Undergoing an ingrown toenail treatment depends on how severe the case is. In worse conditions, ingrown toenail removal can be done through surgery. But if the ingrown nail is not causing too many complications, an ingrown toenail home treatment can be easily done on your own. No one else knows your pain but yourself, so you might as well do the treatment through your own initiative.

Different Methods of Ingrown Toenail Prevention and Treatment

There are several methods of ingrown toenail home treatment. These tips can help you lessen the pain and avoid infection. You can try soaking your foot (or feet) in warm water mixed with Epsom salt for five to ten minutes to relieve soreness. If the nail breaks the skin, clean the area and apply antibiotic cream to prevent infection. But never try to remove the ingrown toenail if it cuts deep through the skin; this could cause further complication.

As much as possible, do not try some old wives’ remedy without a medical basis, like rubbing coal oil to the affected area. To avoid discomfort or foot pain, do not wear shoes that are too tight for your feet. If you are just at home, it would be better if you would wear any open toed footwear like sandals or flip flops. Wear only white socks; it was recently discovered that the dye from colored socks can actually leak into the wound caused by the ingrown nail and thus cause more foot pain and complication.

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