How an Ingrown Toenail Removal Operation is Performed?

Details of an Ingrown Toenail Removal Operation

Toe problems are becoming serious these days as they create much pain and tough situaion for the one whose suffering. One of the major problem is Ingrown Toenail, but it can purely resolve if precautions are taked in time..i.e..if steps are taken for ingrown toenail removal. However, there are plenty of methods to cure it such as – Home cure, medicinal cure, surgical and operational if needed.

An ingrown toenail problem can also lead to a situation of performing operation, if and only if the infection increases at the same toe or the wound is not treated for long. But no way to panic..because through operational treatment it is cured permanently. So here we will discuss about the steps and details of operation performed for an Ingrown Toenail.

i) When anesthesia in proximal portion of the big toe injection is set. If the surgeon slowly over a thin syringe injection the anesthetic to keep the symptoms in check.

The figure shows the performance of the anesthetic on the toe. The case felt pain caused by the pressure of the anesthetic in the toe. After some 5-10 minutes then the entire toe numb and begin the actual surgery
An ingrown toe being treated surgically

ii) The figure shows the first step in an operation Emmert plastic. The nail in the field of inflammation and the entire inflamed soft tissue of the nail edge is incised.
An image of Ingrown toenail treatment

iii) The figure illustrates the deep incision through the lateral toe nail and the inflamed edge of the ingrown toenail.
An image of a serious conditioned Ingrown Toenail

iv) This picture shows how big and deep the cuts should be to prevent a recurrence of the ingrown toenail. Even the nail bed must be completely removed during the operation of an ingrown toenail in the area of inflammation.
A picture of an Ingrown Toenail being cut

v) Now the fabric side of the toe is attached with a few stitches in the new nail edge.
The figure shows the completion of the operation of an ingrown toenail, the lateral toe edge is fixed with two seams on the nail. The small opening is the outflow of blood and wound secretions.
An image of stitched toe because of Ingrown toenail

Hence we can see from above that how important is to take care of our toes..neither it becomes a serious problem. But it can overcome and cured properly at home or by surgery easily…all you have to do is stay calm and take prevention and precautions in time.

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