Foot problems – Toenail fungus (How to cure it easily at home)

Suffering from toenail fungus is one of those foot problems which may befall all of us at least once in our life. As you may already know, symptoms can include severe odor emitting from the nails, constant discharge, the nails dropping off or even foot pain. Thankfully for you though, Toenail Fungus Treatment isn’t too difficult. In fact, you can remove your toenail fungus from the comfort of your own home.
Perhaps the best treatment I can suggest is combining water and vinegar. You will then want to apply this to your infected toenails every single night. This is going to be a pretty big commitment though as you will need to do it over a period of six months. It is incredibly effective though and in most cases it should eliminate the fungus to a point where it no longer returns! This is because it will be unable to thrive in the environment that the water and vinegar create.
You can also use 100% tea tree oil every single morning and every single night. The reason this works is because it is packed to the brim with nutrients. These nutrients give strength to the toenail and hopefully cause it to eliminate the toenail fungus.

An image of toenail fungus treatment

An image of toenail fungus treatment

The final toenail fungus treatment I want to mention here is a vapor rub. You can find many of them at your local pharmacy. This is the type of stuff that you normally rub on your chest when you are suffering from coughs and colds, or even a stuffy nose. You will want to put this down the side of the nail before you put on socks. This will stop moisture getting in and allowing the foot fungus to breed.
Remember, it isn’t all about treatment! You will also want to take good care of your feet. For example, you will want to ensure that your toes get as much air as possible. Where sandals if you must. The reason for this, as you most likely know, is that toe fungus (or any type of fungus for that matter) thrives in cold and moist locations. Can’t get any worse than in your socks! Remember, you will also want to dry your feet off as quickly as possible if they get wet.
Make sure that you soak your toes every so often in a salt and warm water solution. You can do this until the water goes slightly tepid. You can then trim off excess nail, and try to scrape away as much of the fungus as you can. This should hopefully stop the problem getting worse.
Finally, it is worth noting that even though toenail fungus is fairly easy to clear up using home remedies, in some cases you may need to consult the doctor. Remember, battling a fungus of any description is a long term battle, and thus you will need the doctor’s help if you feel as though you are losing. Don’t worry, not everything can be cured in your own home.

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