Are you aware of Ingrown toenail? Let me tell you Everything

Ingrown toenail, what is it?

Toenail is a soft part of our body and is very sensitive that if it gets hurt even little bit then it can cause heavy pain, and if a problem like ingrown toenail arise then it becomes difficult to handle…but it can be cure in time if precaution are taken carefully. It is a pathetic problem that is increasing day by day due to lack of awareness and carelessness.

i) The ingrown toenail is a common condition characterized by the penetration of a portion of a fingernail into the surrounding skin, causing pain, swelling, redness.

ii) The appellation Medical ingrown toenail is onychocryptosis

iii) The nail is most often embodied one of the big toe.

What causes an ingrown toenail?

## The causes of ingrown toenails are most often:
i) Wearing shoes too tight, poorly adapted to feet (try to put a square foot triangle pointed toe shoes, high heels.
ii) The act of cutting the nails too short and in the corners (you must cut the toenails straight)
iii) Due to use of certain drugs.
iv) Anomalies of the nail and the area around it
a) hypertrophy beads peri-ungual (including children and adolescents)
b) tile nails or clip / misalignment of the toes in the elderly

An image of an ingrown toenail

How to recognize an ingrown toenail?

## The ingrown toenail usually develops in 3 phases
i) First phase: simple redness, slight swelling and pain in the pressure zone of the onge incarnate (the nail enters the skin near the painful area)
ii) Second phase: the redness and swelling is increasing, it is possible to start a whitlow
iii) Third phase: of chronic inflammation with beads and fleshy bud can saignotant called Botriomycome or ulceration, especially in people with diabetes

## Risk of complications from an ingrown toenail:
-Ingrown nails can be the source of
a) whitlow
b) Botriomycome
c) Erysipelas
d) ulceration, especially in diabetics
e) osteitis, osteoarthritis

Treatment and care of ingrown toenail

i) preventive treatment
To reduce the risk of ingrown toenail must:
a) Take good care of their nails and detect any anomaly below those (nails become thicker nail that tighten like tiles, big toe that is off-center … especially in the elderly and diabetics
b) Toe nail clipper of the square, by protruding a little corners with respect to the underlying skin. Never cut corners nails
c) Wear wide-toed shoes / avoid if possible safety shoes with metal tip can damage nails.

ii) Curative treatment
In case of early ingrown toenail, better consult a doctor. Pending consultation you can
- Wear shoes more
- How foot baths in lukewarm water with an antiseptic soap
- Clean the area with a mild antiseptic

a) Medical Treatment
The doctor will prescribe antibiotics and bandages to “wrap the nail”
The pedicure will meanwhile try to put metal clamps or rings resin to try to nail the disembodied

If the ingrown nail is infected or there is a large bead around the nail, an operation is necessary. It allows to remove the edge of the nail that is inserted into the skin (onyxectomie partial). The toe is numbed before anesthesia. Antibiotics may be prescribed (ointment or oral). Several studies have shown that in most cases, healing is very well without oral antibiotics and ointment is suffisant2.

b) Surgical
It is possible that the dermatologist offers resection of granulation tissue or Botriomycome the electrocautery under local anesthesia
In case of resistance to medical treatment it may be advisable to resort to surgical treatment. Two standard options are then available, usually under local anesthesia:

  • Surgery scalpel

It is the surgical resection and the knife part of bead lateral cutaneous and the side of the nail and the corresponding matrix: the surgeon removes the entire affected area, whether skin or phanérienne (the side of the nail with its corresponding matrix). He closed with stitches

  • Matrix destruction phenol

It is to destroy the nail matrix with phenol after resection of the tongue nail that is ingrown. It is often less traumatic than the previous one and can be performed in the office.

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